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2017 is a New Year.  It came with political transformation of the country from one executive authority to another.

Currently there is an impasse between the outgoing government and the incoming government. However, peace still reigns. How long this will be depends on the maturity of the outgoing and incoming governments. Both would have to employ tact and focus on reasonable and justifiable actions in the service of the people.

Foroyaa expected that radio stations and the public at large would enjoy greater freedom of expression and freedom from arbitrary arrests and detention.

Malleh Jabang is still under unlawful custody. The same goes for the 3 imams namely Ousman Sawaneh, Sheikh Omar Colley and Cherno Gassama. We could go on and on with the names of more detainees without trial.

One expected the outgoing government to start to offer goodwill gestures by releasing all these prisoners in the New Year. On the contrary, Foroyaa has gathered that one Wandifa Kanyi and Alpha Sey have been arrested. Their whereabouts are yet to be disclosed to family members. This means that the New Year has not come up with new habits with regard to the outgoing government in promoting respect for human rights and good governance.

Those who administer the state at the moment are being carefully watched and should put up their best conduct to prevent history from recording acts of impunity at this trying moments of a country when peace and reconciliation is most desirable.

Those who sow the seeds of tension cannot claim to be lovers of their nation and people.

Detention without trial should be put to a stop. That is the demand of truth, justice and national reconciliation and should be heeded.


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