Wednesday, July 24, 2019

NEA Explains Their Failure To Attend Sanyang Meeting


By Madiba Singhateh

Buba Sey the Programme Officer at the National Environmental Agency said their absence at a meeting slated to take place in Sanyang was not deliberate.

Buba Sey said they were waiting for the Governor of West coast region who said he wanted to attend the meeting also. They waited since 10.00am but the governor could not make it. He added that the governor later called to inform the agency that he could not make it to the meeting. But that since it was then noon, they could not also go to the site.

He said they informed the Chief and the Alkali about the issue of lateness and failure to attend. He also said another reason was that they had already met the Alkali and the Chief before and discussed the matter then. To back his reason for not attending, he further argued that it was also important for the governor to attend as he was never part of any of the meetings.

Mr. Sey said on the issue of pipes, which the community said is less than 300 metres into the sea. He said the pipe should be underneath the water and 300meters into the sea.

He said anytime they start laying pipes the youths will uproot them, adding that this is why the pipes are not laid further into the Ocean.

He concluded that they have done every assessment they have to do; pointing out that the would-be meeting was just to meet them with the governor to clarify matters.

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