Sunday, July 21, 2019

National Patriotic Students’ Union (NAPSA) Dissolved & De-registered


By Muhammad Bah

The National Patriotic Students Association (NAPSA) has been dissolved and deregistered, states a press release emanating from the Office of the President last week.

The Press release informs that the Association’s assets are to be handed over to the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education with immediate effect.

NAPSA is a student Association formally established earlier in 2001 and covered students from grades 1 to grades 12 across the sixth regions of the Gambia.

In August this year, the association celebrated its 13th anniversary which was held in Region 4 Directorate in Mansakonko, Jarra West, Lower River Region.

NAPSA’s mandate includes among others to seek for the general welfare of students in the Gambia.

The president of the NAPSA before it was dissolved was Mr. Jarga E. Gaye who when contacted to shed light on the dissolution and deregistration of NAPSA, declined to comment.

Foroyaa will make further efforts to know the full story behind the Association’s dissolution and deregistration.



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