BY Kebba Mamburay

The technical vocational educational training held a press briefing on the constraints they face and their forth coming international press conference slated for the 29th and 30th November 2018. The press briefing was held at the American Corner on Kairaba Avenue on the 17th of October 2018.

In his opening remarks, Muhammed Lamin Dibba said TVET is a youth led organization that works with young people to enhance their development and help them succeed in their respective careers, and also encourages girls and women in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mechanics; that over the years, TVET had been guiding and molding young people across the country in order to participate fully in National Development which according to hism, is everybody’s business.

The Executive Director of Clock TVET Ida Faal, gave a synopsis of TVET saying it was established on 15th February 2018. According to Ida, the foundation was formed to empower girls and mainstreaming gender equality, equity, leadership and development advocacy and improve teachings on technical and vocational subjects in Schools; that Clock TVET also seek to increase awareness on the importance of TVET on the mind-set of the young Gambians and develop their interest in vocational training. The foundation According to Ida, aims to work with Government and other international bodies, to promote girls and women in the field of TVET, with a view to achieve economic, social and cultural empowerment.

Fatou Bojang, the IPRO of Clock TVET said the organisation supports women in vocational training i.e. skills development training, because not everyone can sit in offices. She highlighted some of their challenges one of which includes funding, as their main constraint; that they wrote to many institutions across the country but could not receive any positive response as yet and that this is discouraging. ‘‘Without funds, we will find it arduous to hold the conference and the outcome of the forthcoming program will be a contribution to national Development. After the success of the program, we aim to establish a center of excellence for boys and girls in skills development or training across the country. This cannot be possible if we are not gaining support from Government and other institutions,’’ she concludes.

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