Wednesday, July 17, 2019

“National Assembly Vehicles Were Acquired From Philanthropists” -Director of Press


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 By Kebba Jeffang       

Director of Press and Public Relations

The Director of Press and Public Relations at the Presidency, Amie Bojang-Sissoho, has told journalists that the 57 vehicles that were handed over to members of the National Assembly last month, were acquired from some philanthropists who do not want to be named.

She informed journalists that the vehicles were from people who supported the President during his campaign.

“If you can remember two vehicles given to GRTS, were part of the same set of vehicles. What happened was, these vehicles came in by sets and when the president got the first support, he said he did not want to give it to some and leave some, (referring to MPs). So when everything was completed, that’s the time the handing over was done,” she said.

Mrs. Bojang-Sissoho further clarified that the philanthropist names are not made public because they demanded for anonymity.

Meanwhile, she explained the new documentation policy that will enable Gambians in the diaspora, access national identity card.

She said Gambians in the US can access their documents in Washington DC while those in Africa will have to go to Angola. The undocumented Gambians in Italy will go to Rome, those in Scandinavia will go to Stockholm and those in Spain will either go to Madrid or Barcelona. According to her, there will be extension as regards the provision of more destinations for Gambians to access their ID cards.

The SEMEX and Prestine Companies will be working with the Interior Ministry for the production of the Biometric ID cards, in consultation with the Ministry of Finance.

On the issue of the assets declaration by Cabinet Ministers, she informed that the Ministers have now declared their assets at the Ombudsman.


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