Sunday, October 20, 2019

National Assembly Members Pass Motion



Members of the National Assembly have passed a motion on the payment of D300,000.00 to each member of the newly established Commission of Enquiry for the 3 months period they are to carry out this task. This motion on the bill was tabled before deputies at the national assembly by Aboubacarr Tembedou, Attorney General and Minister of Justice on Tuesday, 25 July 2017. The motion was seconded by the MP for Lower Nuimi.

According to the report, the remuneration is based on the onerous task of the commission which includes investigations into the existence, nature, extent and method of acquisition of assets and properties, including the companies, businesses and bank accounts operated directly or indirectly by the former President, family members and close associates and to know whether such assets and properties were lawfully acquired or otherwise.

The Justice Minister said the Commission, after 3 months should come up with a recommendation on which government will be acting upon.

During the intervention of the law makers, Hon. Halifa Sallah, member from SerreKunda said it is important for the commission of inquiry to be diversified rather than specifically concentrating the enquiry on one person or institution.

Hon. Ousman Sillah, the member for Banjul North, also said the following: “The national assembly is here to guide the governance process. So we should really be careful when dealing with issues.” On his part, Hon. Muhammed Magassey also said it is important for members of the National Assembly to know how to decide on behalf of the people. The Hon member for Basse further sought clarifications from the Justice Minister on the activities of the commission members.

On his part, the Hon. Member for Wuli West said government should avoid putting old wine in new bottle, underscoring that the New Gambia should avoid taking issues just like how the former government use to do. “It is important for us to listen to each other critically,” he said.

Other deputies also added their voices in supporting the motion.

In his clarification, the justice Minister said the establishment of the commission is to necessarily allow government to get to the bottom of the facts on the former government dealings with public and private enterprises. This was what the Justice Minister said: “The commission is mandated to look into the management of some Public Enterprises as well as the assets and financial transactions of the former President, Yahya Jammeh and some of his associates.”

The motion was adopted by lawmakers

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