Monday, July 22, 2019

Nasir Ahmadiyya Temporarily Closed As ‘Green Youth’ occupy the school



A source has confirmed to this reporter that the NasirAhmadiyya Senior Secondary School in Basse,Upper River Region (URR), NasirAhmadiyyahas been temporarily closed until Monday, 23 November 2015, following an alleged altercation between the school principal and some members of the ‘Green Youth’ who are part of the presidential entourage and occupying the facility for accommodation.

Speaking to this reporter, a teacher at the school, name withheld, said the misunderstanding started when Mr. Ceesay, the School Principal, expressed his concern over the use of the classrooms of the Grade 12 students for accommodation as they are preparing for their exams and do not have any time to waste. This, he added, did not go down well with the ‘green youth’ and thus led to a confrontation between them and the school principal.

He said shortly after the confrontation, the regional director of education in URR, Madam Claudiana Cole, visited the said school and ordered the school to be temporary closed until Monday.

Speaking to this reporter, the Chair of the School Management Committee, Mr. Kebba Sissoho, expressed his disappointment with the decision to temporarily close the school especially at a time when the Grade 12 students should be having their normal classes in order to prepare for their exams.

When contacted on the matter, Madam Cole, the Regional Director, said Nasir School is not closed but that the students are simply urged to stay away from school until Monday. She urged both the school authorities and the students to exercise patience.

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