By Mustapha Jallow                                                  

Corporal Baboucarr alias ‘Nyakareh’, a serving member of the Gambia Armed Forces, was arrested while on leave, his wife told this medium.

The resident of Lamin village Mrs. Rohey Jarju said while she was with her husband on Friday 7 July 2017, he received a phone call that he should report to the Fajara Barracks; that on arrival, he was arrested and detained.

‘‘Few weeks during his leave, he was phoned by someone from his workplace at Fajara Barracks that he was needed; that he was going to answer to the said caller but did not return home since. I have tried all means to reach him through phone, but his numbers were switched off. In that state of trauma, I went to the Barracks on Thursday, 13 July, where I found him held in a cell,’’ she said.

Asked the reasons (s) behind her husband’s arrest, she said since the detention of her husband for nearly 3 months, she couldn’t establish any tangible reason about what led to the arrest and does not have the means financially to hire a lawyer for her husband.

‘‘I asked him why he was detained, he told me no reasons were given to him yet,’’ the wife said.  She further said that the authorities should clear the air, and tell them why he was arrested and still detained for so long.

She said she wants the authorities to inform them why his husband is put in one place without being brought to court or released.

Mrs Jarju described her husband as the main breadwinner of their young family. ‘‘He had family to look after. Our children are going to school and the eldest among them is now in grade 12 and this would be very difficult for her to cope with.

She said access was granted for her to be visiting her husband at his place of detention in Fajara, but calls for his release.

It could be recalled that Lieutenant Abdoulie Jarju, Corporal Baboucarr alias ‘nyakareh’ Sanneh, Lance Corporal Sambujang Bojang, Corporal Lamin Nyassi and Staff Sergeant Mbemba Camara were arrested on different dates and times on allegations that they are members of a certain ‘Whatsapp’ group where seditious statements were being exchanged.

Foroyaa later learned that Sstg. Camara was later moved to Yundum Barracks, where he is continuing his detention without trial.

Family members of the detained soldiers including their wives, have denied the allegations heaped on their loved ones and expressed their dissatisfaction with the manner which the government is keeping them in one place, without bringing them before the law.

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