By Kebba AF Touray

The Ministry of Justice has on Thursday 26th July 2017, held a press release indicating it has on 21st July 2017 obtained order from the High Court freezing additional assets, companies and bank accounts belonging or connected to the former president, Yahya AJJ Jammeh,his family and close associates.

The dispatch reveals that the order was made consequent to an application to High Court on the 19th July 2017.

This new order contains an additional forty nine (49) properties mostly located within the Greater Banjul area, as well as six (6) Bank Accounts and three (3) companies. The properties have been place under the control of the Registrar General while the companies have been placed under the control of Augustus Prom, an independent administrator.

The release states that this brings the total number of assets frozen so far to: one hundred and eighty (180) landed properties, Ninety six (96) commercial Banks and seventeen (17) Companies.

The Ministry has urged the general public to report any property suspected of belonging to the former President or his close family and associates to the nearest police station.

Readers would recall that the first freezing order of Jammeh’s assets was made public on the 23rd May 2017, which included 131 lands, 88 different bank accounts, 14 companies, unlawful withdrawal of money amounting to 18900.00, belonging to Social Security and Housing Finance and Cooperation (SSHFC), between 2006 and 2007 and another unlawful withdrawal of cash amounts $50,000,000 from special projects fund and international gateway accounts at the central bank of the Gambia. The Attorney General had indicated earlier that this move is necessitated to prevent Jammeh, his family and close associates from liquidating or dissipating assets held in his personal name.

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