Sunday, October 20, 2019

Modou Lo Deducted 3 Million CFA, to Face Eumeur Sene


By Sulayman Bah

Modou Lo has suffered a monetary loss after the Senegalese wrestling organising committee opted to deduct him for time-wasting.

The Rock of Parcelles-Assainssine is said to have eaten more than was availed to him of time for rituals.

Kharange Lo wasted 62 minutes while Balla exceeded that by three more minutes leading both to be deducted three million CFA, hence is reason for warnings not being dished out before start of the combat as has been the norm.

Meanwhile, Modou who endured defeat to Balla Gaye in a duel ending four minutes, is due to face Eumeu Sene.

Talks between the pair’s fight kept under wraps until recently, had been ongoing weeks before he took on Balla Gaye.

Photo: Balla Gaye turns Modou Lo upside down before crashing him in the sands

The initiative has divided opinions with most of the belief it’s a deliberate attempt instigated by Eumeu Sene to avoid fighting Balla Gaye for a third time after previously vowing never to tussle with the Lion of Geudiawaye for personal reasons.

Others, however, suggest Eumeu is offering Modou Lo chance to grab the King of Arena title which the club Tay Shinger leader is a defending champion of –a thing how true though remains unclear.

It will be Sene’s first match after snatching the gong off the grips of a shocked Bombardier last August.

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