Saturday, July 20, 2019



By Madiba Singhateh

Mayor Yankuba Colley of Kanifing Munipal Council and National Mobiliser of the opposition APRC party had dismissed claims that he has switched allegiance to the Coalition.

The mayor asked how one can imagine or dream that he, Yankuba Colley, can switch allegiance to another party. He asserted that he is APRC and remains APRC. “I have not switched to anybody’s party,” he retorted.

APRC will contest all seats

He was asked whether APRC will contest in the National Assembly elections to be held in April this year and his answer was a rebuttal. He emphasized that APRC will contest in the elections like any other party. He went on to say that they will put up candidates in all constituencies in the country, as APRC is the biggest political party in the Gambia.

Opposition with a difference

The mayor further said that APRC is a party with a difference and he is calling on all their supporters to come out and support their party.

He dismissed reports that members of APRC have been holding secret meetings. He asserted that they don’t hold secret meetings and have no reason to do so as APRC is a legally registered political party. “So why should we hold clandestine meetings? Everybody knows whatever we do. We have nothing to hide,” he retorted.  He said APRC has a new look. “We are opposition with a difference,“ he remarked.



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