Monday, August 19, 2019



BY Madiba Singateh

The communities of Manjai and Bakoteh denied having any agreements with the Kanifing Municipality Council.

Visiting the municipality the chief executive told this reporter that, talks have been held and they will notify the media soon.

He did not disclose any further information about the site.

Speaking to Abubacarr  Jeng, the C E O  Trustee Associate inform this reporter that ,they did not agree with the municipality.

“What we told them is whether they are ready to show us any long term plan regarding the dumpsite, other than that we did not discussed anything”. He said.

Mr jeng told the reporter that they clean the dumpsite { setsetal}  on Sunday, whereas the youths of the communities came together to work on the site.

Jeng denied that the Municipality will dump waste at the site, when it was put to him that it is been said that council will start dumping waste at the site again?

Km c as of now is mute regards to the issue of agreement, between them and the two communities.

Visiting the site works are been done by the council as they finish fencing the perimeter of the dumpsite.





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