Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Mamma Kandeh Receives massive welcome in Nuimi, Jokado


By Ndey Sowe

A large crowd of people in Nuimi and Jokado gave a rousing welcome to the GDC leader assuring him that they would vote formamma-kandeh-receives-massive-welcome-in-nuimi-jokado him massively on December 1 so that he can rule this country and free it from hardship.

Supporters told the GDC leader that most of their young ones have gone through the ‘back way’ and those who are unfortunate die at sea. They said this is the end of the APRC government, it has to go now.

Addressing thousands of people in Munyagen, Hon. Mamma Kandeh thanked the people of this area for the warm welcome they have given him, adding that this has impressed him a lot and it has signified that the APRC’s rule is over.

He said GDC has come to free this country from this hardship and find ways to reform the country. He said GDC is for the Gambian people and it belongs to the Gambian people.

The GDC leader also thanked Gambians for supporting the party during the nomination adding that GDC has come to effect change and develop the country for the benefit of all Gambians.

Hon. Mamma Kandeh said high prices of commodities is another factor that is affecting the people adding that everyday prices of commodities are rising and this has made the livelihood of people difficult. He said the aim of the GDC is to bring development and create more employment for the youths of this country.

Ousman Jallow GDC Chairperson of Munyagen ward welcomed Hon. Mamma Kandeh and his delegation, saying that come December 1,  he would be pronounced the President of The Gambia. He assured Mamma Kandeh that the people of that area would vote massively for him so that they can free this country from this hardship. He said in Mujagen there are 21 polling stations and in all these stations “we would make sure that you emerge as the victor,” he asserted.

From Munyagen GDC leader moved to Kerr Ardo where he also addressed thousands of youths whom he asked to work hard and help their parents as everything under this earth is painful but if GDC is voted into office they would make this country a better place.

Hon. Mamma Kandeh said a GDC government would construct better roads and would also develop the farming system in this country.

He criticised President Jammeh for misusing the country’s wealth saying President Jammeh gave money and vehicles to Senegalese and called on him to apologise for doing so.

Hon. Kandeh said most of the problems in Africa is as a consequent of leaders over staying in power adding that if he is voted into power he would serve only two terms.

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