MA Bah


The APRC party leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta has confirmed the removal of Momodou Alieu Bah from his position as Deputy Party Leader.

The party leader also said that Mr. Bah has also lost his seat as a member of the National Executive Committee of the APRC party.

Mr. Jatta who was the former Majority leader at the National Assembly further said that the reason for the removal of Mr. Bah is that, he was bringing some confusion in the party.

“We summoned him to four executive meetings to resolve the problem but he didn’t turn up,” the APRC leader asserted.

Mr. Jatta said he has consulted the party executive committee on the issue, and they made a conclusion to remove him from the party.

“I even consulted the Founder of the party, former President Yaya Jammeh on this matter,” he remarked.

The Party leader also said Mr. Bah is replaced by Ousman Rambo Jatta to that effect; in addition the party has issued a press released to inform the general public.

Contacting Momodou Alieu Bah, he said his removal is news to him, he added that no one informed him about this.

He further pointed out that he and Mr. Jatta were both appointed by the Former President and that Mr. Jatta is not the one who should remove him.

He refuted the claim that he was called upon to attend executive meetings on several occasions and he refused to attend.

Mr. Bah has been a senior general in the Gambia Armed Forces and was the last Interior Minister in the Jammeh Administration. He was once Gambian Armed Forces Director of Finance. In the new dispensation under the Barrow administration Bah had been re-appointed as Director of Finance, but he was later removed from the Armed Forces.

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