By Mustapha Jallow

A former commander of the state guards stationed at Kanilai, the home village of President Yahya Jammeh, Lt. Colonel Solo BojangCol. Solo Bojang, who is serving a one year sentenced by a court martial held at the Fajara Barracks annex in Bakau on 27 August 2015, is said to be taken before a military court again and sentenced to serve another 3 years imprisonment, according to a close family source.

The source said Lt. Col. Bojang was supposed to be released after he had already served his one year sentence but was instead dragged to another military trial again. She said the family is not informed about any charge against him, adding that all they were told when they visited him was that he is not freed yet.

‘‘We were allowed to visit him at the prison. On 27 September, while I was with him at the prison, he was complaining about one of his legs which he said is seriously paining him,” she disclosed.

The source concluded by appealing to the authorities to free Lt. Col. Bojang who is the head and sole breadwinner in his family to enable him undergo proper medical treatment.

It was reported that the erstwhile manager of the Kanilai Family Farms (KFF), was seen been escorted out of the courtroom immediately after the passing of the verdict and the family was not allowed to talk to him as he was taken back to prison.

The senior military officer was earlier arraigned before the Brikama Magistrates’ Court on 12 May 2014 and charged with three counts of ‘Abuse of office’, ‘Conspiracy’, ‘Theft’ and ‘False information’. He was acquitted and discharged on all except one charge which was False Information and of which he was convicted and fined D50, 000. The family told this medium that the fine was immediately paid but that their loved one was nonetheless escorted out of the courtroom by the security that whisked him away to an unknown destination.

Since then, Bojang was detained in several detention centres by the authorities until his recent prison sentencing by a military court martial, according a family source.

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