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By Mustapha Jallow

A member of the Gambia Armed Forces, Lieutenant Ebrima Waa Drammeh, was arrested and detained at Yundum Barracks since on Monday, 6 March 2017, around 11am.

According to his son, Muhammed Drammeh, it all started when his father went to Brikama to collect his national ID and from there he proceed to Banjul to receive his monthly salary but upon arrival at the Defence headquarters he got arrested by Military Police.

He disclosed that Lt. Waa was later escorted to his residence where a search was conducted and he was then transported to Yundum Barracks on that very day where he has since been held. Although, the son said their family members were allowed to visit him at the Barracks but for only 10 minutes discussion. The resident of Tujereng in Kombo South is currently held for more than 72 hours as provided for by the Constitution. The Constitution states anybody suspected of committing an offence must be brought before a competent court of law with 72 hours or release on bail.

Asked if they know the reason why their loved one was arrested, he said that no reason is been advanced to them but they were told that investigations are still going on and if they are done he would be released.

However, during the regime of former president Jammeh, in 1997 Lt. Waa Drammeh was one time arrested in Senegal by a group of men in plainclothes who escorted him back home and on their arrival he was sent to Mile Two prison, where he was held incommunicado for 4 years without access to family members. Finally, in 2002, he was released. It was said that Lt. Waa, a former Colonel of NPFL in Liberia had rejoined the Army in 2012 and was rearrested this year.


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