Friday, July 19, 2019

Leket walks over Balla Star


By Sulayman Bah

Leket Bu Barra secured the bragging rights bundling Ball Star in under two minutes as Gambia national teamLeket poses left and Balla Star right captain maintained his unbeaten track record.

In a combat that did not start until at 12:00am owing to a prolong delay triggered by fracas between fans and PIU officers, Leket needed barely two minutes to send Balla Star his much hyped adversary packing.

Amid cheering as fans braved the chill cold, the man from Barra got a grip of his opponent, as the picture below shows, before running him from behind to grabbing him by the waist. Leket then followed that up by masterly pulling Balla Star’s right leg who went sprawling before falling on his stomach.

The victory, extends Leket’s unbeaten run since resurrection of Gambia wrestling.

Staged by Alla Promotion, Sunday’s event was the second of a two-day action-packed wrestling battle that drew the attention of hundreds.










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