Malick HB Jallow, Lawyer for Niang Sarang Jobe

By Fatoumatta K Jallow 

Malick HB Jallow, Lawyer for Niang Sarang Jobe, a co-victim of the late Deyda Hydara, has vowed to file a lawsuit against Government for unfair treatment meted on his client.

Lawyer Jallow made this remark yesterday November 27th 2018, at the Victims’ Center in Kololi, where he said it is totally bias to compensate other victims of the same crime, without considering his client.

It could be recalled that Niang Sarang Jobe was shot by gunmen alongside the late Deyda Hydara on December 16th 2004, along the Mamadi Maniyang highway, beside the PIU Headquarters.

Barrister Jallow a human rights lawyer said his client had sought redress from all avenues to no avail; that the only option left, is for her to file her case at the High Court.

“My client has been suffering from excruciating pain and psychological distress, as a result of the ordeal she went through,” Lawyer Jallow said.

He said his client just like any other victim of the former Government, needs justice and compensation for all that she has endured during the period.

“We have engaged the Justice Ministry to seek redress to no avail and the only option left is to sue Government and get redress,” Jallow said; that even though the crimes meted on her client was not committed by the present regime, the onus lies on them to redress the problems left behind by Jammeh’s regime.

Lawyer Jallow added that it will be totally erroneous to compensate some victims of the late Deyda’s murder, without compensating others including his client.

Jallow submits that the necessary paper work has been completed; that in a matter of days, he will file her case at the High Court. He said his client was in the same mission with the late Deyda and equally deserve justice and compensation.

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