Friday, December 6, 2019

Law Student Seeks Sponsorship to Continue Studies In Uganda


Fatou Faye Kujabi, is a female student seeking sponsorship to continue her University studies in Law, with the Cavendish University in Uganda.

Fatou was enrolled at the University to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Law since July 31st 2018, but could not continue, due to financial constraints.

According to the invoice issued to her by the University, Fatou should pay 795 US dollars each semester, and all payments should be made through MCASH at Nsambya Campus or directly to their Bank Account.

According to Fatou’s acceptance letter, her registration was contingent upon receipt by the University, of 50% of her tuition fees by 17th September 2018, which she did.

Fatou solemnly calls on philanthropists, the private sector, NGOs, and Government, to reach out to her for assistance to continue this lifetime ambition.

For any assistance, Fatou can be reached on this Mobile Number: 3948809.

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