Thursday, July 18, 2019

Late Amadou Nyang Jawo’s Family Demand Justice


By Louise Jobe 

The Uncle of the late Amadou Nyang’s of Faraba Banta, told this reporter that they want Government to take action on the death of their son, with immediate effect.

Mamadi Saidikhan an Uncle to the deceased protestor and resident of Faraba Banta, said it is unfortunate that such a regrettable incident that saw the loss of precious young lives had happened; that this should have been avoided if the Government of the day listened to wise counsel.

Saidikhan seemed to be deeply shaken and overcome with emotion and sadness, said he never expected his nephew’s life would have been ended by the bullet of an armed Police Officer who will come all the way to their village, and kill him when he was demonstrating for a just cause.

Saidikhan said the death of his nephew is a big loss to their entire family; that his nephew, the late Amadou, was a teacher by profession and was in his last year at the College to be fully qualified in his teaching profession. Saidikhan said the late Amadou is the breadwinner of his parents and the entire family because he was the only able bodied member who was providing for their survival. Saidikhan whose tears were dropping on the shirt he wore at this time spoke with emotion that the Government must bring the killers to book, if they want them to rest their hearts.

Another member of the family who spoke to this reporter was the grandfather of the late Amadou Nyang. According to him, he saw everything with his own eyes; that his grandson was shot from behind on his back, waist down, leading to his death; that they will never sit on their laurels and let the ‘bandits’ go scot free, and will protect their farmlands with their lives from now onwards.

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