He has legal papers showing that he has bought a piece of land in Jabang. He has a sketch plan showing where the land is located. He and the wife devoted time energy and resources to the task of clearing a forest with snakes to establish a home for his children. Every decent person considers hard work to earn a living.    This young family should have been a model for those who wish to prove that industriousness could pay Now both husband and wife are in tears because of a demolition exercise which emerged from a land dispute which is yet to be decided by a court. The man was referred to a lawyer but he claims to lack the means to pay any legal cost after spending all his earnings to build a solid building in the woods. What is the role of a state to such people? Who is to protect them? Who will wipe their tears? Who will reward their hand work? Foroyaa will contact the village head and the physical planning office to get answers to vexed questions. The state should protect its honest and hardworking citizens.]]>

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