Friday, July 19, 2019

Land dispute in CRR leaves three injured



A Land dispute between the two neighbouring villages of  Medina Chamen and Mbayen in Jareng Ward, Central River Region (CRR) has left three people injured, one of whom is admitted at the Bansang Hospital.

Ousman Cham of Chamen village was said to be seriously injured on his head. He was taken to Bureng Health Centre but was referred to Bansang Hospital where he was admitted. The other two who sustained minor injuries are Yerro Mbye on his fingers and Sulayman Mbye, both from Mbayen village.

The injuries were sustained in a clash over land dispute which has been going on for a long time, since the time of the former regime. The land in question was before the high court and judgment was delivered. The people of Chamen say they had no counsel representing them in court while those of Mbayen say they were represented by Lawyer Ousainou Darboe.

Speaking to Foroyaa, Sarrah Cham of Chamen village said the land was their portion which was allocated to them by a high court decision.

Cham said, contrary to the decision of the court, the people of Mbayen went ahead to plant crops on that land.

“On Wednesday morning Ousman Cham went to see what the people of Mbayen are doing on the land, and met them working on the land,” Cham narrated. He said the two of them went together.

Sarrah further said that, when Ousman arrived he asked them to stop using the land because it’s not theirs.

Sarrah Cham further said that, those from Mbayen then assaulted Ousman Cham, beating him until he sustained injury.

On the other hand, Assan Mbye of Mbayen Village said the people of Chamen were the ones who caused the fight.

According to him, on Wednesday morning the people of Chamen came to the said land and started uprooting the crops that they have been cultivating for about 3 months.

Assan argued that the people of Chamen didn’t act until their crops have started to mature.

“We were using the land for about 3 months now, until our crops have started to mature and now they came to uproot them,” he lamented.

Assan Mbye believes that the land is theirs because they are the ones that have been using the land for many years.

Chamens and Mbayen are small villages close to each other that derive their livelihood through farming and gardening.

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