The early warning signals are already imminent. Members of the National Assembly have talked about the dangers posed by land disputes. Some even cautioned that if speedy actions are not taken skirmishes among communities could even begin. Foroyaa has reliably learnt that violent conflict did occur between communities in Niamina East resulting in some people being hospitalized.

Reporters are currently investigating the details as a developing story which will be published in the next edition. The state has to put special measures in place to address potential crises by preventing them instead of using the fire brigade approach of trying to heal the aftermath. We are talking about truth and reconciliation to deal the wrong doings of the past.

If we do not provide solutions to the conflicts of the present we may have to prolong the creation of burials to address present and future wrong doings. Common sense does not favour such a motive. Action is needed now and all voices should demand in unison for action to be taken now to address the land disputes in the country.

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