Lamin Sanyang, author

By Kebba Mamburay

A journalist in the person of Lamin Sanyang who was once a reporter for the Foroyaa Newspaper currently reporting for Fatu network yesterday October 27, 2018 launched a book entitled “Better Must Come” at the Brikama Regional Directorate, Region 2.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Sheriff Bojang Jr President of the Gambia Press Union said he’s delighted to take a chance to commend Mr. Lamin Sanyang for the book he wrote. He added that Lamin is committed and determined, which led to the success of the book he launched. He added that this has come up at a time when journalists are facing serious criticisms and things related to it all over on social media. Bojang said this is part of the history that GPU will ever mark.

Mr Madi Jobarteh remarked that this is an event to recognise a colleague and his work as a contribution to knowledge and Gambian literature. He added that when you go to some countries there are collections of books at the Airport entrances written by their citizens; likewise bookstores where there are whole sections filled up with books written by their citizens; but that when you come to The Gambia, you can count how many authors are there because of the support Gambian writers lack.

Madi narrated that, when he read the Book “Better must come” he sees himself in the Book and many other people too, adding that this Book has contributed to National Development because it talks about current situations and books like this help in documenting our history, our lives and our daily activities. He said he is inspired and that books like this raise the profile of a particular country where it is written. He asserted that this book will educate many generations yet unborn and urged the audience to support Lamin so he can write more books.

Mr. Abdoulie Senghore, the reviewer of the book gave a statement about the book that Sanyang’s fictitious novel “Better Must Come” gives Gambian literature an extra nudge in the right direction and a way for Gambian youths and stakeholders of this country. He said in this novel, Sanyang has achieved what the late Chinua Achebe describes as re-education society. The story we revealed today is set in a contemporary fiction of a country called Bolong-ba which involves the life experience of different youths and focuses mainly on the protagonist of the narrative. The story follows his childhood at home and at local madrasa (Daara) a Quranic school through to his formal education and eventually adulthood. This depicts children spending less time at the Daara and most of their time in the western style of educational system (schools). After Sulayman’s night school he was not lucky to secure himself any employment which got him into the nerves syndrome of going to Europe.

The story also depicts the failure of political leaders, failing to fulfill the promises they made to the public, especially the youths of this country.

Mr. Samuel Sarr alias Sam Sarr, Managing Editor of Foroyaa Newspaper who launched the book, explained the challenges that Lamin Sanyang faced and the struggles he had to wage to get his book published. Sam emphasizes that we have many writers who lack opportunity to publish their literary works and this is something that we should overcome.

Sam further emphasised the need to develop our own literature, noting the importance of literature which he said shapes our thinking. He pointed out that getting Gambians to produce literary works is the way forward. He however added that it should not be writing for the sake of doing so, but to help readers understand our reality and to facilitate progressive thinking. He urged writers to understand our history and our current reality so that they will be able to see the way forward.

He opined that the book “Better Must Come” depicts a reality in the society. He said going through the book, all you see is the condition of the youth, their problems in multiple forms. Each character in the book according to Sam depicts one condition of the youth.

He said the manuscripts of many talented writers are collecting dust because they lack the means of publishing them, noting that we do not have publishing houses in The Gambia and that writers would have to sponsor the publication of their works. He urged Lamin to continue writing even though what he may have from this publication may be pittance; an opportunity may come one day.

At this stage he launched the Book entitled “Better Must Come.”

Mr. Lamin Sanyang, Author of the Book “Better must come” said the novel Better Must Come is a 66 page Gambian literature that depicts the pain of Gambian youths that are trapped in the street corners without learning a skill or career so that they can live better and comfortable life in the future. The characters are school drop outs that have gone through insane hormonal changing years turned into true teenage terrors, smoking, buzzing and fighting in the streets. Sanyang added that he’s one of those who believes that Gambian literature can make significant impact only when it starts to confront challenges within our people when their unfiltered stories untold.

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