Sunday, August 18, 2019

Lamin Koto Passamas Road Construction Faulted


Report from Wuli, URR. 

The ongoing road construction on the Lamin koto-Passamas route, is causing problems on farmlands.

Farmers complain that road workers block some water outlets which were there before, causing water to inundate their farmlands permanently, during the raining season.

The villages affected are Kolibantang and Jaka Madina. Villagers of Kolibantang met the regional Governor to lodge their complaints on the issue, and the water that inundates their village when it rains heavily, because of the lack of diversion for the water to flow to the swamps and avoid damages to their houses. Mamudou Marena of kolibantang and Papa Dambelly of Jaka Madina spoke to this reporter.

He said all his farms along the way, has been inundated and cannot be used for crop production because the farms resemble ponds; that he relies only on farming to make a living with his family. This reporter was shown the farmlands that were affected, and saw that even settlements have been inundated. Villages like Kolibantang Wuli West, have been seriously affected, because the water outlets are blocked and water inundates the village, destroying food stores and dwelling places. Mamudou, Burang and Musa Marena all from Kolibantang, said the inundated water disturbs them seriously during the rains, because the outlets for runoff water is blocked; that during heavy downpours, they have to keep children in safe areas to prevent loss of life. They appreciated the initiative of having a good road network, but that their lives and health is equally important. Because the water inundating and staying in the village, is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which is harmful to their health.

The villagers urged Government to come to their aid and put an end to their plight.

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