Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Lac or Modou Lo, Who Wins?


By Sulayman Bah

Sunday will be the day to decide who emerges winner between Modou Lo and Lac 2.

It’s been all too spiced up in the numerous face-to-faces the two have held. There was the usual talking tough part of the verbal showdown with the two stars vowing to undo each other.

Their previous meeting produced no winner or loser raising many questions whether there won’t be a repeat of yet another deadlock. In this modern time of the sport, it’s hard to take a wrestler for his word. A wrestler could act all ostentatious, bragging he’ll attack only to play a wait-and-see tactic or assume defensive posture on match day.

This was what occurred in Modou and Lac’s first combat but the rematch may not head that lane if the latter’s change of talking tactics is any to go by.

Lac came under intense scrutiny for his penchant to retreat and inevitably got blamed by livid fans for the combat ending in a stalemate.

Modou Lo is an out and out attacker and would fancy his adversary to come at him on that page. And if, against all expectations, the Walo big star chooses to break away from his tradition of defending, the tie won’t take long before the winner is known.

Modou Lo has made particular emphasis on Lac’s retreating habit in an apparent successful dig to provoke his opponent.

This jibe flicked out the desired effect, prompting Lac into making strong proclamations that their previous meeting will be unlike this one coming on Saturday. Is it empty talks or will Lac for once standby his word, we will find out in the coming forty-eight hours.

Meanwhile, the fight has been marred by a shocking incident of brutal killing after an unsuspecting wrestling fan reportedly got stabbed to death and robbed on the spot by an unidentified assailant. Dakar Police department is probing the incident.

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