Saturday, August 17, 2019

Kung-fu Not for War but Peace –Says Wushu Prexy


By Awa Touray

Kung-fu Wushu federation head Tijan Colley has spoken to clear misconceptions, saying the sport is meant to promote peace and not wage war.

‘Kung-fu is not made for war but for peace,’ he said, adding, martial art promotes peace, instils wisdom and calmness in practitioners.

Colley made the remarks amid misunderstanding regarding the sport, insisting the art beefs up health via physical exercises based on animal movements which he described as incredibly rewarding.

Harping on its roots, being traced to the Shaolin Monastery, a province in China, he said, great monks used styles of five animals to cure diseases.

Colley further said he was once asked by his ICT students about whether one cannot fight with more than ten people when he learns kung-fu and the importance of learning the art? His respond was in the positive.

“It is true and sometimes even more,” Colley says on the sidelines of an inter-club Kungfu Wushu competition held recently at the Serrekunda East mini-stadium.

“It means that more than one million people will be at peace if there are hundred thousand practitioners in the country.”

Colley revealed that Gambian kung-fu has offered hundreds of its practitioners to several security units in the country both government and private.

The federation, established five months ago, is ardent on grooming athletes who could take part in international competitions.

“So kung-fu federation needs support financially, logistically and also they need media coverage in order to put awareness of the existence of kung-fu in the minds of the masses,” he said.

Awa Bah, the secretary general of the federation said the Chinese Embassy has showed support to the federation, sending their spokesperson Ebrima Sanyang to China for a three months training on the secrets of Chinese martial arts.

Meanwhile, the clubs that took part in the competition were; Tiger kung-fu contact of Banjulinding, Tang Lang kung-fu at mandinary, Taichi Kung-fu club at jeshwang, Lion kung-fu contact Banjul, Shi Kung-fu at latrikunda, Shao ling kung-fu at Busumbala, Dua kungfu club and Kung-fu contact of coastal Road.

The winner(s) of the competition was not announced.

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