Saturday, July 20, 2019

Kombo South District Tribunal Presides Over Land Dispute Cases


By Louise Jobe

The Chief of Kombo South District, Lamin Darboe, on Wednesday 25th October 2017, presided over land dispute cases within his district. The unresolved cases he presided over were inherited from his predecessor, Chief Ajai Janneh.

When the first case was called, Mr. David Michael Gomez of Sandali announced his appearance as a party in a land dispute case between him and the Manneh Kunda family of Gunjur. Chief Darboe dismissed the case on the grounds that Mr. David Micheal Gomez has proven documention of ownership of the land in dispute which were stamped by the former Chief himself, Sheriff Ajai Janneh and other documents from the West Coast Region’s Governor’s Office. The judgment was not written but the Chief told the two parties to proceed anywhere with any appeal they might want to file if they are dissatisfied with the judgment; that evidence of the documents tendered by Gomez, were sufficient for him to dismiss the case.

 Another land dispute case was between Albert R. Mendy and Abdoulie Karamo Janneh. This case did not proceed because of a statement heard from chief Mr. Lamin Darboe, at the beginning of the trial. This comment did not go down well with the ‘Manjagoes’ speaking community living within the district.

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