The Consumer Protection Act came into force in 2014 with the primary aim of protecting consumers from unfair and misleading market conducts, and provide for the establishment of a Consumer Tribunal and other connected matters.

The Act is administered by the Gambia Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (GCCPC) and enforced by the Consumer Tribunal.

As part of its advocacy to sensitize and provide advice to consumers on their rights and duties under the act, GCCPC will be publishing monthly articles on Consumer Protection and Competition matters.

Consumer Rights under the Act

  1. Right to equality in the consumer market and protection against discriminatory marketing practices: consumers shall be treated equally in the market and under no circumstance should a consumer be discriminated against either by race, religion, tribe, nationality, class or status.
  2. Right to privacy: The Privacy of every consumer must be safeguarded by suppliers or providers of goods and services.
  3. Right to choose: Every consumer has the right to choose any product or service of their choice without being coerced or subjected to undue influence in order to buy. No business shall make the purchase of one or more product conditional to the purchase of another.
  4. Right to disclosure of information:  Consumers shall have right to information. Business shall provide true, safe, sufficient and timely information about products and services they offer to consumers.
  5. Right to fair and responsible marketing: Businesses shall not take undue advantage of a consumer’s ignorance in order to lure them into buying their product or service. False or misleading advertisements are illegal.
  1. Right to fair and honest dealing: Businesses shall market their products honestly. They must not, exaggerate, mislead or make false claims about their products.


  1. Right to fair, just and reasonable terms and conditions: Business terms and conditions shall be binding in the best interest of both the supplier and consumer.
  2. Right to fair value, good quality and safety: Businesses shall not engage consumers into any deceptive practices. For example, false or misleading advertisements are illegal.
  3. Right to accountability by suppliers: Businesses shall account for transactions it conduct with consumers. Therefore, they should provide receipt, invoice, business record or other documents which evidences the transaction. 

Consumer responsibilities:

(1) Verify receipts and statements

(2) Contest an incorrect bill

(3) Maintain consumer vigilance

(4) Safeguard against fraud


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