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KMC Present Financial Statements, Activity Report Before Lawmakers


By: Kebba AF Touray

The Kanifing Municipal Council yesterday July 26th, presented its reports 2015 and 2016 Activity Report and Financial Statements before the National Assembly Select Committee on Local Government and Lands. Acting Chief Executive Officer Salma Njie, in presenting the 2015 and 2016 Activity Reports, said the Council instituted a robust management reform as a turning point for effective and sufficient decentralized administration, and developed an accounting policy and procedure manual, as well as a five year Strategic Plan (2016-2020), Resource Mobilization plan, Internal Audit Manual, Risk Register, IT Policy and Disaster Recovery Plan.

“During the period under review, the Council spent D25,863,996.95 on insurance and license, printing and conferences, publication and advertisement, telecommunication, utilities, legal cost, duties and bank charges, congresses and national events,” she added; that the Council spent D50,000 in 2016 on the payment accounting software license (FINEX) and D14,507,628.00 on Bakoteh and other major dump sites, as well as D1,305,025.00 on community cleansing exercises and an extra D4,320,000.00 on cleansing service vehicles, in 2016; that in 2016, Council spent D3, 028,355.75 on construction and maintenance of Council’s Offices, premises and markets and contributed D584, 000.00 on the construction of a foot bridge at Bundung and the road along Charles Jaw Academy, in the same year, among other activities undertaken.

Sheriff Njie, Director General of Finance at the KMC, said a total revenue of D126,597,963.00 was spent in 2015, compared to D121,146,768.00 in 2014, while a total of D133,354,745.00 on expenditure, was spent in 2015, compared to D131,078,022 in 2014; that a surplus (deficit) of revenue over expenditure, stood at D6,756,782.00 in 2015 from D9,931,254.00 in 2014.

“Non-current Assets in 2015 was D810,661,382.86 from D804,984,103.19 in 2014. Current Assets stand at D839,522,898.86, compared to D859,790,174,19 in 2014. Current Liabilities stand at D839,522, 898.86 compared to D 859,790,174.19 in 2014”, he said.

Njie added that total revenue on cash flow was D127,751,847.10 in 2015, compared to D120,448,393.30 in 2014, whereas total repayments in 2015 stand at D 139,449,245.20 compared to D138,554,509.20 in 2014.

Sherign Mass Jallow from the Auditor General’s office, said the objectives of the audit was among others, to ensure that revenue collection and earnings were properly accounted for; that invoices and petty contracts processed for payment, represent goods and services received.

Jallow said a total of D121, 146,768.00 was received in 2014 rising to D126, 597,963.00 in 2015, while expenditure stood at D133, 354,745.00 in 2015 to a slight decrease of D131, 078,022 in 2014; that non-current assets stand at D810, 661,382.86 in 2015 compared to D804, 984,103.19 in 2014.

“Total capital and liabilities stand at D839,522,898.86 in 2015 compared to D859,790,174.19 in 2014”, he said

Paul Mendy, who presented the GPPA report, dilated on the Council’s submission of a procurement plan, establishment of contract committee, establishment of a specialized procurement unit, monthly report submissions, compliance to procurement processes and contract management and assets disposal.

He expressed observations among them that KMC submitted an Annual Procurement Plan for the period under review as stipulated in Section 29 of the Act, and put in place structures as required by Section 48 of the Act; that all contracts were awarded to suppliers who renewed their registration status with the Authority at the time of the award, and that KMC has not conducted any major contracts during the period under review.

Mendy cited that KMC was biased towards Sunrise GSM Mobile Company and Nifty ICT Solutions as most phones and OKI Toner procurement were awarded to them; that with such disclosed implications, responsiveness cannot be relatively measured and can lead to wrong award decisions and negative comparative analysis in award decisions, with deserving suppliers denied the opportunity; that hence the bias towards a supplier.

“Using the above compliance related variables, for the period under review, Kanifing Municipal Council was found to be 90 percent, which denotes substantial compliance with the Public Procurement Act 2014 and the Regulations of 2003”, he concludes.

The session was adjourned to Monday 2nd August 2018, for parliamentary consideration and adoption.

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