By Madiba Singhateh 

Mayor Talib Bensouda on Thursday June 7th, visited the most talked about Bakoteh dumpsite, after two weeks in office. The newly elected Mayor toured the smouldering site with members of staff of the KMC.

According the Mayor, his visit to the site is to review some of the preparations Council was making for Bakoteh dumpsite; that Council has agreed to get it relocated in the near future; that this is one of the major challenges he together with his team, will face.

The site has caused unbearable condition for people living within the surrounding most particularly environmental hazard in terms of their health.

Residents have complained of all sort of illnesses because of the pollution emanating from the dumpsite.

The relocation of the site has long been advocated for by the community and environmentalists in the country.

Senior dumpsite supervisor Buba, spoke to the medium and confirmed the Mayor’s visit and his conducted tour of the site by himself.

In just three days, the Mayor embarked on another visit to see the finish spaces for markets and those in the streets; that Council is seriously looking at engaging them and would put high premium on any proposal, as long as they employ the youth of the community.

Council has also recently embarked on a demolition exercise of vendors occupying street pavements where all canteens located by the road side, were demolished or closed down by the paramilitary.

The reporter will speak to the Mayor regarding the situation of the demolition exercise and the projects he is embarking on and the site visits he made.

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