Sunday, August 18, 2019

KMC Keeps Bulldozer Active at Bakoteh Dumpsite


By Madiba Singhateh

The Kanifing Municipal Council has started using the bulldozer at the dumpsite to level the ground and avoid high piles of waste. Indiscriminate dumping which used to be the order of the day was not observed yesterday.

Foroyaa was also reliably informed that KMC Mayor Yankuba Colley and the KMC CEO Pa Kalifa Sanyang visited the dumpsite and inspected ongoing work.

The bulldozer at work at the dumpsite

The dumpsite which was closed for months by youths residing in the immediate vicinity of the dumpsite was reopened about a month ago. Soon after the reopening it was business as usual with indiscriminate dumping resulting in heaps of waste.

However, yesterday the bulldozer was seen clearing huge piles of rubbish and putting it into a quarry. The site which has been accumulating a lot of waste materials since its re-opening has been levelled by the bulldozer.

Lamin Drammeh an elderly man and KMC employee said his job at the site is to direct Trucks and Donkey-carts to dump their waste at the right place. He said that will also minimize their work and that of the bulldozer.

Muhammed Sankareh the security stationed at the site also worked with Drammeh in directing trucks and donkey carts where to dump their waste.

He was asked whether he is sometimes disturbed and he said that used to be before but not since the re-opening. He said the police gave him their numbers so that when anybody disturbs or threatens him he can call them.

This reporter sounded the opinions of residents in the immediate surroundings. Siaka Manneh whom we once spoke to, told us that now the situation has eased since its re-opening. He said now the smoke is not disturbing them, but the smell remains as well as the mosquitoes and the flies. He expressed pleasure that now the Government is also taking up the issue.

Binta Kinteh on her part said the situation of the dumpsite remains the same as before with the flies, the mosquitoes and the smell. She called for a transfer of the dumpsite to another location.

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