By Yankuba Jallow

Candidates in the Kiang West Constituency are busy criss-crossing canvassing for votes for the April 6 National Assembly elections.

The Candidates for Kiang West constituency are Badarboe Bah for GDC and Fakebba M.L. Colley for UDP. The youngest candidate vying for the National Assembly seat, 23 year old Badarboe Bah, is a student of Stratford College of Management The Gambia.

In a telephone interview he had with this reporter, Bah said he is studying international relation and political science and he is in his advance diploma level. Bah said his message includes the enlightenment of the electorate on the functions of a national assembly member especially those with little or no knowledge of the importance of voting. “It is a right thing to advocate for people to vote during election as their votes are their power and voice,” he noted.

Following his nomination on March 9, 2017 he said he has been working tirelessly on his campaign and he enlightened his people to refrain from using foul words. “Peace is all we want and it is my duty and a duty of every citizen to advocate for peace,” he explained. According to him, development in their area is lacking and he will advocate for the government to help improve rural development in the house of representative. As youth, he said he will advocate for women empowerment and the youths as they make up the higher proportion of the country. He further said he will work with donor agencies to channel projects to his people and advocate to work with other members of the house to repelled those bad laws. He said the agenda of GDC and the agenda of his constituent will be used to effect change. While discouraging tribalism, he concluded by calling on all the electorate to vote for the right candidates. Finally, he said: ‘I urge all national assembly aspirant candidates to refrain from violence and advocate for peace during the campaign”.

Fakebba M.L. Colley, the candidate for United Democratic Party (UDP), when he was contacted through a telephone call referred this reporter to the UDP manifesto as his agenda and manifesto.

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