The Supreme Court of Kenya made a land mark decision which has shown that an Independent and Impartial judiciary is indispensable to the delivery of free and fair elections and the consolidation of a democratic state.

Hence all political forces in Kenya and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission should have accepted to work together to deliver freer and fairer elections, so that the authority of the courts would be consolidated and reforms pursued after the Elections, to build a better system.

Since Kenya has a term limit, the opposition has nothing to lose by participating and remaining engaged, despite the outcome to prepare for the future. Non participation does not provide data on the impact of the judicial decision on the electoral system. This would be a setback. We hope the opposition in Kenya is listening. Legal victory is as important as victory in the polls. It builds the integrity and authority of the victor even if it is not translated into electoral victory. A victor who takes to the streets becomes a loser before the contest is waged.

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