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By Mustapha Jallow

One Kebba Sanneh, a 22 year old young man and resident of Bakau New Town, was arrested and held in the custody of thekebba-sanneh Military Police (MP) at Bakau Barracks since Saturday, 24 December, 2016 without access to his family.

Mrs. Fatou Janneh, mother of the said young man, walked into Foroyaa’s office in desperation yesterday to report the detention of her son for six days. According to her, it was on Saturday when Kebba went to the Independence Stadium in Bakau to attend the performance of a musician from Senegal. She explained that she was told that her son had an altercation with someone who was purported to be a senior military officer in mufti and was eventually arrested and taken away by the

Police Intervention Unit (PIU).

She further explained that the family members are not allowed access to see his son at his place of detention.

The young man’s mother claimed that the chief of defence staff, lieutenant general Ousman Badjie is even aware of the incident and that efforts are being made to secure his release.

She is therefore appealing for the release of her son who is presently undergoing a course at QuantumNet.

Editor’s Note

The GAF headquarters has been informed about the detention and Foroyaa will continue to monitor developments.


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