When Karpower resumed operation recently there was significant improvement in electricity supply with infrequent power outages; this after a long period of sustained and frequent power outages lasting many hours.

The Managing Director told the media at a press conference on 7th June 2018 while dilating on the electricity and water supply shortage that had hit the Greater Banjul area recently that NAWEC was anticipating a 24 hour supply of electricity by the end of the year. The agreement with Karpower, signed in February, is for a period of two years to give NAWEC breathing space to set their house in order.

The concern is if the wind at this time can cause the transmission and distribution cable to snap when the rainy season is yet to start in this area, what will happen in the height of the rainy season when mightier storms frequently surge.

Foroyaa will get in touch with management for further explanation on this and other matters relating to the agreement.

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