Thursday, July 18, 2019

Kabba Bajo Fires Back At Critics: I don’t think clubs can be bought


By Sulayman Bah

Photo: Lamin Kabba Bajo, GFF’s boss

Football boss Lamin Kabba Bajo has debunked claims that recent amounts set to be given to league clubs is aimed at bribing teams to earn a renewed mandate in next year’s  GFF presidential elections.

Kabba’s leadership last weekend made public their plans to fork out up to D325, 000 in the pre-season meeting with club’s delegates.

In that meeting, it was announced, that recognized league clubs in the first and second tiers of both the male and female leagues will each receive D50,000 in preparation for the season.

Meaning, thirty-eight teams will be D50,000 richer with the Football House also to cover the transport facilities for the sides as well.

D100,000 goes to cover the fares of twelve first division teams while D75,000 will be allocated to clubs in the second tier for the same purpose.

The gesture has inevitably had tongues-wagging, with critics accusing Bajo of campaigning for re-election ahead of next year’s September football polls.

But the soldier-turned businessman and football president has responded, dismissing the claims, saying it’s part of his team’s development agenda to help clubs where possible.

‘Of course they will just keep talking. But this is part of our development drive and it is going to be a continuity. It’s in our budget and programmes even though the amount to be given out this time is more than we gave out to clubs last season.

‘I don’t think clubs will allow themselves to be bought,’ he tells Foroyaa Sport.

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