By Mustapha Jallow

 The Turkish Embassy in Banjul on Tuesday, 3 October 2017, donated 10 computers, printers and sets of power backups to the Ministry of Justice.  The equipment was received by the Justice Minister, Aboubacarr Tambadou, on behalf of his ministry.

The brief handing over ceremony was held at the Justice Ministry’s conference hall, where the Turkish Ambassador, Ismail Sefa Yuceer , remarked that the donation was in recognition of the important role played by the Ministry of Justice, in helping Gambia realize the newly found democratic dispensation to the fullest.

Ambassador Ismail Sefa Yuceer said the new Gambia needs support, especially in the areas of Justice Administration.

“I believe the Ministry of Justice will continue to play a very important role in helping the country realize its dreams of transformation in all areas especially Justice,’ he said. ‘‘The equipment will help ease the work of the Ministry and as well improve her capacity.’’
The Ambassador highlighted the possibility of exchange programes between the staff of the Justice Ministry and the Turkish Justice Academy in capacity development of staff at the aforesaid Ministry.

In conclusion, the Turkish Ambassador said they are aware of the commitment of the Minister of Justice and gave the assurance that they will continue to give them support.

The Minister of Justice Aboubacarr Ba Tambedou, said his Ministry appreciates the relationship with the Turkish Government through Ambassador Ismail Sefa Yuceer.

He said his Ministry was grateful to the Government of Turkey and assured the Ambassador that the donation will go a long way in easing the already difficult working conditions at his Ministry. “My ministry have no doubts that these materials will help us close the gap between the private and the public Bar in terms of not only accessing research tools to be able to create better equality of arms between us and the private Bar, but also our productiveness.”

He said his ministry needs to be equipped with resources so that it would be able to provide quality service that the public expect.












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