Justice delayed is justice denied. We have argued over and over again
that presumption of innocence makes it mandatory for bail not to be
excessive and not to be unreasonably denied. Unfortunately, some judges have been denying bail to many accused persons and have been
imposing bail conditions which could not be met.
Hence what should be done is to continue the trials on a weekly basis.
The longer it takes to try people who are remanded in custody the
greater the degree of injustice perpetrated against them. In short, to
remand a person in custody without speedy trail is to subject him or
her to the principle of presumption of guilt until proven innocent.
This is the justice system of monarchs and tyrants and not that of
Republics and Democrats.
The Chief Justice should review the type of bail conditions imposed on
accused persons and the speed of the trials once they are denied bail.
The law and standard of best practice are not silent on this.

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