The road at Jambanjelly

By Madiba Singhateh

The Manager of the Jambajelly / Jabang road Project, Baboucarr Dibba, has responded to an article published on Foroyaa, with the caption ‘Poor Road Network in Jambajelly.

‘‘Work on this road project has not finished and that is the reason why some of the works are yet to be completed,’’ Dibba told this reporter.

Dibba made this and other remarks on Wednesday July 25th, during a tour of the area along this road, said to have been affected by run-off water caused by the recent downpours. Dibba who was with his supervisor and team, said the problem in these areas will be remedied soon; that water passage ways have been identified by his team and the technicians have looked at the problems affecting the village, relating to the construction of the road.

‘‘The drainage system is almost complete and now we are close to the completion of the road and in some months to come, it will be completed,’’ he said.

Regarding the issue of compensation to homeowners whose properties have been demolished, Dibba said each home owner whose property was demolished, has been compensated through signed agreements; that any agreement that has not been sign with any home owner, will not be compensated.

The site Supervisor Bakary Sanyang, said some homes were plastered with cement while they were actually mud houses, before they were demolished. He also reiterated that any home that has been demolished, has been compensated.

He said some property owners who were compensated, rebuilt their properties; that they will face demolition in the near future.

For the benefit of the reader, this road runs from Westfield to Sukuta, Jabang, Jambur, Latria and ends at Jambanjelly. The works comprise earthworks, pavement construction, drainage works, culverts, and other related activities including the relocation of existing utilities, installation of street lights and road markings for traffic safety measures.

The Sukuta Jambajelly road project costs 23 million dollars. It was a loan the Government of the Gambia secured in 2013. The project was approved in February, and signed in May the same year. 10 million US dollars was secured from the Islamic Development Bank, IDB, and 10 million US dollars from Istisna. The Government contribution is 3 million US dollars  to round the figures to 23 million US dollars.

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