Sunday, August 18, 2019

Jallow’s Penalty Saves the Day for Hawks


By Kebba AF Touray

Defensive midfielder Muhammed Jallow over the weekend earned ex-FF Cup holders Hawks FC the points via a spot-kick.

BK Milan’s defender Abdoulie Saidy had tripped on the Hawks ace prompting the arbiter to point to the spot-kick.

Jallow, nailed it past the goalkeeper in what later became the game’s sole goal and the match’s winner.

Staged at the Banjul mini-stadium, Hawks right from the onset turned pressure on BK Milan creating chances, but were unlucky to score until Jallow’s 18th minute effort.

BK Milan’s Saidy in a bid to intercept an onslaught tackled the Hawks’ striker in the box, as the referee pointed to the spot-kick.

Jallow struck the kick into the right side of the net, sending the goalie to the opposite side of the goal-post.

Coach Alagie Sarr effected series of substitutions to turn down a single goal deficit, but was an abortive crusade for BK Milan.

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