By Sulayman Bah & Yankuba Jallow

Banjul-based wrestler France over the weekend spanked Sanneh in a thrilling grand combat at the Independence Stadium.

Lasting five minutes and watched by thousands, it was France’s return to the arena after having his two-year ban from the sport for violent conduct rescinded early this year.

He was suspended and threatened with legal action by the erstwhile Gambia Wrestling Association’s leadership if found in any GWA sanctioned event.

His ban followed his controversial lost against Sanneh in what was the two stars first meeting in “Mbapath” style last year.

The return of the Banjul Saku Ham Ham juggernaut was an emotional one for his supporters whom he had jumping off their seats with his new dance in the ambiance prior to start of the duel.

The two fighters took a backwards retreat at whistle of start of the contest before closing down the gap with Sanneh sending the first punch. France returned it with keen interest as they grappled holding on each other’s smalls.

Moving menacingly towards the sacks and under pressure from Sanneh, France quickly unleashed three successive lower cut shots before stylishly sprawling little outside the circle as a stunned Sanneh rattled on the ground, back first amid uproar.

Prior to the grand combat, Boy Balla of Jabang Molloh also continued his fine run, trouncing Banjul-based Tapha Tine in a fight many considered a mismatch.

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