According to the Police Public Relations Officer, the woman died as a result of shooting by soldiers of a joint security Task Force. It is claimed that Ya Binta was in a taxi with Registration number Bjl 7039G which allegedly refused to stop at a check point. The shooting took place to allegedly stop the vehicle. Now we must ask: Is refusal  to stop at check point a crime punishable by a death penalty and summary execution without trial? Who is responsible for traffic offences, the driver or the passengers? Were the security officers under any threat of their lives when they caught up with the transport? Were there exchanges of gun fire? How is Ya Binta linked to any crime? Is Ya Binta a victim requiring protection for injustice perpetrated against her or a suspect requiring investigation? Are all citizens to be treated as suspects because of 30th December incident or owners of a country deserving protection? Foroyaa will leave these questions hanging as we follow this developing story. Justice must be done and must be seen to be done. Victims should not be vilified as villains until the truth is known, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. ]]>

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