directive to the point of subjecting Bubacarr Dikko to arrest and detention for a period of three days for allegedly violating executive order by fishing at a stream in Jarumeh Koto in Sami. The law enforcement officers would be wrong if they took the pronouncement of a president during a public meeting as law. It would be equally wrong even if the directive comes from the Office of the President without being based on any existing law providing for it. The duty of a law enforcement officer is to enforce the law. The mere words of the President are not law. All law enforcement officers should take note that orders and proclamations from an authority must be based on an Act or law which must be referred to when it is being published in the Gazette to give it legal effect. In the absence of this all orders are mere words on paper or hollow sound in the air. Foroyaa will investigate whether a government which seeks to speak for Africans in the asylum trail in Europe and was even offering asylum to the Rohingyas in Asia, would deprive Africans resident in the Gambia the means of surviving on their own sweat because of their nationality. That would constitute the greatest betrayal of the ideals of Pan Africanism.]]>

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