There are some issues which are matters between the opposition and the ruling party, but there are other issues which are between the citizens and the executive. The declaration of the President in Brufut is one of those issues.

It came like a dream to many Gambians and provoked shock to many before the matter received the desired clarification.

Foroyaa would like to emphasise that this matter is beyond partisan consideration. Hence those who speak on the subject should help every person to understand the implication of the declaration.

A Constitution is a fundamental law of a country. It is not an instrument whose provisions could be written from a political platform.  The executive has no authority whatsoever to add or delete a single phrase in the Constitution. The President has the duty to protect and defend every provision of the Constitution. Hence, people from Kartong to Koina and Barra to Palody should know that the declaration of the President is his wish but has no legal foundation and is therefore null and void.

This message should be passed on to all Gambians irrespective of party affiliation.



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