If Solo Sandeng cannot be produced, it is wise not to proceed with a case.

The question that everybody is asking worldwide is the rationale for proceeding with a case when the principal figure cannot still be produced.

No human being on this earth could fail to notice this during every sitting of any of the courts.

Foroyaa thought that once the executive goes about the country to prove to itself that the country was still governable and that the threat of a march to unseat it was unreal, it would be prudent to extend an olive branch to those who took to the streets, discharge and release the arrestees and conduct diligent investigation into all allegations of disappearances and degrading treatment.

Many felt that the Ramadan will not find politically motivated arrestees in detention.

Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.

Foroyaa wishes to affirm that most if not all readers concur that the arrestees connected with the incidents of 14 and 16 April should be discharged and released.

This is the demand of truth and justice. It should not be ignored by those who give sermons on righteousness and justice.



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