Monday, February 17, 2020



In two months’ time  the Gambian people will head for presidential election. The APRC Bureau was subjected to arson attack. Nobody has appeared in court charged with arson in relation to such attack. Speculations are rife as to those behind the attack.

The ministry of the interior is responsible for the maintenance of law and order. The removal of the minister at this material time reflects a no confidence vote by the executive.

In many instances, removal of people in high places in the military or security apparatus would be followed by the re-appointment to other posts that would not signify any form of demotion so as to contain them because of the huge arsenal of secrets they are exposed to. In this instance, it appears that there is a complete rupture between the president and the minister.

There are claims which Foroyaa is investigating that the minister is seeking asylum in Sweden. Foroyaa will give clear information to our readers in due course.

The ongoing arrests of top civil servants, the detentions without trial, the claims of ambushes of military check points which Foroyaa is still investigating to get a clear position, all add up to give a picture of a deteriorating situation.

The government is therefore duty bound to put an end to detention for more than 72 hours without trial, make bail reasonable and accessible, release the UDP leadership and members and prepare the ground for the dissemination of divergent views and dissenting opinion in both governmental and non governmental media and prepare the ground for genuine electoral contest that would be regarded as free, fair and credible.


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