31 March was D-Day for the registered opposition political parties.

The sword of death was hovering over their very existence. Observers nationally and internationally were waiting for a very interesting period in Gambian political history.

Many opposition parties engaged in all sorts of preparation for the outcome of this presumed event. Instead, April which should have witnessed momentous events is gradually changing the political landscape in another direction.

What the ultimate consequences of the developments would be is still a matter of speculation. Notwithstanding, the unexpected is happening.

April 7 witnessed two major developments namely the change of stewardship of the Independent Electoral Commission and a meeting of political parties to pave the way forward.

From henceforth Foroyaa will be following the developments as they unfold. Has the threat of deregistration receded to the background for good? Will the stewardship of the Independent Electoral Commission give way to the desirable partnership between the parties or will the Commission continue to serve as an instrument of coercion? Will the Commission take the mandate of an inspector of political parties or a partner? Time will tell.

Will the new stewardship of the Independent Electoral Commission bring new tides?



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