Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Is The Interparty Committee Relevant?



The Interparty Committee had a Press Conference to inform the Gambian people that the Political parties have a dispute resolution mechanism in the form of an Inter-party Committee with Co-Chairpersons and a Secretariat provided by the Independent Electoral Commission. The Inter-party Committee is supposed to receive complaints from Political parties, the IEC and the Government on matters relating to any breach of its Code of Conduct. It is very strange to gather that Mr Tombong Jatta, the current Secretary General of the APRC, was asked to report at the Police Headquarters.

Foroyaa is wondering whether this matter has been reported to the Interparty Committee for settlement. The paper would contact Mr. Jatta and the Secretary to the IPC for clarification. Institutions should not exist only in name. They should serve the purpose for which they are created or be dissolved. The New Gambia does not need white elephants.

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