No one could understand why an Election Act would be amended to restrict more political participation by a government which has been in office for two decades and needed to introduce term limit instead of promoting self perpetuating rule. Few could understand why a Government which organises root festivals, musical jamborees with famous Senegalese musicians and subscribe to the hosting of beauty contests would declare Gambia an Islamic Republic. Few could understand why detention without trial still persists after many prisoners were released as a result of presidential pardon.

Foroyaa will continue to point out the irony so that the people would know that the government they have is the government they deserve, since they have the sovereign power to decide who should manage their affairs. A Government may stick to governing the way it knows how and may not be able to govern in any other way. It may also be sensitive and responsive to criticism.

Those who are dissatisfied with its manner of government have the option of looking for an alternative .This is the virtue of a Republic and an electoral system.


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